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So this is a screen grab of a comment posted on the youtube video of Team Australia’s (Nova) short program at the 2014 World Championships.

I’m confused as to why someone would write this? Seriously what is wrong with you? Bet you feel brave hiding behind a fake screen name. It’s clear that…


Anonymous asked: I love all of your original posts! I totally relate as a synchro skater (:

Thanks xx

Work your ass off and the odds will be your favour.

—my new mantra (via synchro-skater)

Major Synchro Competitions 2014/2015


Finlandia Trophy, Espoo FIN - October 9-12 2014

Leon Lurje Trophy, Gotenborg SWE - January 16-18 2015

Zagreb Snowflakes Trophy, Zagreb CRO - January 16-18 2015

Mozart Cup, Salzberg AUT - January 23-25 2015

French Cup, Rouen FRA - January 30-31 2015

Spring Cup, ITA - February 13-15 2015


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